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When you have the opportunity to learn from the coach

that coaches your favorite celebrities, such as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Why would you learn from anyone else?

A Message from Charles Glass

They call me the Godfather of Bodybuilding. Why? I now have over 35 years of experience as a trainer of champions.

My tried and tested methods produce dramatic and significant gains to anyone that applies them. The time has come for me to share with you the secrets of success.

Join my special training program and become part of a supportive community dedicated to reaching new heights. Together, we will break through barriers, surpass our limits, and achieve remarkable success.

Imagine the joy and pride you'll feel as you make progress towards your goals. With my guidance, you'll learn valuable techniques and strategies to unlock your full potential. Others will be inspired by your amazing transformation.

But let me be clear, this program is for individuals who are motivated and eager to make extraordinary achievements. It's for those who refuse to settle for anything less than their own personal victory.

Time is of the essence, and every moment counts. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join a community of winners. Reserve your spot today and unleash your unstoppable potential.

Why would you learn from anyone else?


  • Bodybuilding Fundamentals: Master the basics for both men and women, ensuring a strong foundation for your physique goals.

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Follow our meticulously designed, proven processes to sculpt your dream body with clarity and confidence.

  • Premium Course Content:

    - Expert Coaching: Access audiobooks and videos from my courses and books

    - Seminars & Lectures: Deep dive into all recorded seminars and training.

  • Extensive Training Libraries: Separate, curated libraries catered to the unique needs of both men and women.

  • Expansive Video Library: instructional training videos, ensuring you're always doing it right with the help of Charles Glass

  • Diverse Workout Programs: Kickstart your journey with more than 20 ready-to-follow workout programs from beginner to advanced.

    Your fitness aspirations deserve a structured, supportive, and expert-backed approach.
    Subscribe to Charles Glass Premium and redefine what you thought possible.




Monthly Workout

1000 + video-guided

Bodybuilding Fundamentals

15+ GOB Training Programs

Access All Charles eBooks in Video Format

All Seminars & Lectures

Charles Private Bodybuilding App



Monthly Workout

1000 + video-guided

Bodybuilding Fundamentals

15+ GOB Training Programs

Access All Charles eBooks in Video Format

All Seminars & Lectures

Charles Private Bodybuilding App



Monthly Workout

1000 + video-guided

Bodybuilding Fundamentals

15* GOB Training Programs

Access All Charles eBooks in Video Format

All Seminars & Lectures

Charles Private Bodybuilding App



Monthly Workout

1000 + video-guided

Bodybuilding Fundamentals

15+ GOB Training Programs

Access All Charles eBooks in Video Format

All Seminars & Lectures

Charles Private Bodybuilding App


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Epics Fitness Premium Subscription


Sign Up & Get

◉ Bodybuilding Courses From Top Coaches (Audiobooks, Videos)

◉ Seminars & Lectures From Top Coaches

◉ Training Libraries (for both Men and Women.)

◉ Gym & Home Workouts

◉ Nutrition Tips & Recipes

◉ Track Your Progress (Weight, Stress Level, Pump level & more.)

◉ Access Our Store (Fitness Accessories, Supplements & Apparel.)

◉ Over 1,000 Training videos with instructions and details

◉ More than 20 Workout programs to start


People who went beyond just a transformation

"With so many workout videos, this app has everything I need to switch up my routine and my clients routine. The meal plans and recipes have been a lifesaver, too.

I've smashed my fitness goals and feel stronger every day."

Alan Mariano


"The fitness app has transformed my approach to fitness. I love the course of the fundamentals and the nutritional guidance. My body has never looked or felt better!"

Eddie Bracamontes

IFBB-PRO Athlete

"This app is the real deal. With all the videos and programs, I've managed to hit goals I never thought possible. Plus, the nutritional guidance has helped me clean up my diet without feeling deprived."

Steve Cook

Celebrity Trainer

"From a comprehensive video library to detailed nutrition guides, this app has everything I needed to crush my fitness goals. It's like having a personal trainer in my pocket. My physique has improved dramatically, and I feel more energetic and confident than ever."

Long Wu


"I loved the programs in the app! My goals are clear and I know exactly what I have to do. The fundamentals were more than I have asked for to shape a new breaking ground for me."

Sergi Constance

Fitness Influencer

"This app is a one-stop solution for fitness and nutrition! The instructional videos have helped me perfect my form and avoid injuries, and the recipes are delicious. I'm in the best shape of my life, and I'm just getting started."

Karina Elle


"I used to get bored with my workouts, but not anymore. The vast selection of videos in this app keeps me engaged and motivated. My fitness has significantly improved, and I've finally started to train comfortably with all injuries and limitations."

Chris Gethin

Top Coach & Trainer

"Joining this fitness app is the best decision I ever made. Even as a pro, touching up of the fundamentals of Women training is invaluable. The workout plans are so easy to follow, and the variety keeps me motivated. I've won shows and I feel more energetic than ever!"

Lauralie Chapados

IFBB-PRO Bikini Athlete

"I'm a busy mom of three and have always struggled to find time for my fitness. This app has made working out so accessible and fun. Plus, the recipes are healthy, simple, and my kids love them too!"

Natasha Larente

Fitness Coach

"I used to feel so overwhelmed in the gym, not knowing what exercises to do. But with this app, I have over 1,000 videos guiding me! My confidence has skyrocketed, and I've crushed my fitness goals!"

Courtnet King

IFBB-PRO Athlete

"Before I joined, I felt stuck on my daily routine. I had to change things up a bit. It was so overwhelming, I had to acquire new knowledge and perspective on training. This program helped me break my limits."

Jack Toroshian

No Limit Gym Owner

"This app has been a total game changer! I've finally found a fitness tool that has everything - from a huge library of instructional workout videos to easy-to-follow meal plans. It's like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist all in one"

Valentina Rodriguez

IFBB-PRO Athlete

From Start to Stellar: Our Success Stories


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  • Are you someone seeking weight loss: While some programs are typically associated with gaining muscle mass, my program is also beneficial for individuals aiming to lose weight. Building muscle increases metabolism, and my well-designed program can help preserve muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

  • Are you someone looking to improve their self-confidence: Engaging in my program can improve body image and self-esteem, providing individuals with a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their physical appearance.

  • Are you a fitness enthusiast: who is passionate about fitness and wants to sculpt their bodies, improve their aesthetics, and achieve a muscular physique and is looking for an online bodybuilding program.

Wait !!! Not Sure this is for you!

Diving Deep into Our Comprehensive Fitness Program: All Your Questions Answered.

Is the program suitable for both beginners and advanced bodybuilders?

Yes, our program covers bodybuilding fundamentals for beginners while offering advanced techniques and insights for seasoned enthusiasts.

Is there a trial period for Epics Fitness Premium?

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial period for new members to explore and experience the benefits of Epics Fitness Premium.

How is the content tailored for both male and female fitness enthusiasts?

We offer separate, curated training libraries for both men and women, ensuring tailored advice and strategies for each gender's unique needs.

Do the tutorials accommodate different learning styles?

Absolutely! Our platform provides step-by-step tutorials in various formats such as videos, audiobooks, and written content to cater to diverse learning preferences.

How often should I update my progress in the app?

You have the flexibility to update your progress daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your preference. Regular updates help in tracking and consistency.

Who are the experts behind the audiobooks and videos in the premium content?

Our content is curated and delivered by top-tier coaches and experts in the field of bodybuilding and fitness, ensuring quality and reliability.

Can I get access to specific seminars or lectures without subscribing to the whole program?

Our seminars and lectures are exclusive to Epics Fitness Premium subscribers. By subscribing, you get comprehensive access to all premium content, maximizing value.

Are there separate training modules for men and women?

Yes, we offer extensive training libraries that are separately curated for the unique requirements of both men and women.

Do the workout plans include equipment-free exercises for home workouts?

Yes, our versatile workout plans offer both gym-based regimes and equipment-free exercises tailored for effective home workouts.

Are the nutritional tips and recipes tailored to specific dietary needs like vegan or keto?

Our platform provides a variety of nutritional tips and recipes. While we cover popular diets, always ensure any plan aligns with your specific dietary and health needs.

Besides weight, what other progress metrics can I track within the program?

Our progress tracking extends beyond just weight. You can track parameters like stress levels, pump intensity, and other metrics to gauge your holistic fitness journey.

Can I purchase fitness gear or supplements directly through the app?

Yes, our exclusive store allows members to browse and shop for fitness accessories, top-grade supplements, and apparel right from the app.

Do you provide a breakdown of the focus for each of the 20 workout programs?

Our expansive video library is regularly updated, ensuring members always have access to the latest techniques and trends in bodybuilding.

How often is the video library updated?

Yes, each of our 20 workout programs comes with a clear focus and breakdown, allowing members to choose programs aligning with their specific goals.Our expansive video library is regularly updated, ensuring members always have access to the latest techniques and trends in bodybuilding.

How does the goal creation and tracking feature help me stay motivated?

By setting clear targets and visually tracking your achievements in real-time, our goal creation and tracking feature provides a continuous sense of accomplishment, keeping you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Is the community moderated to ensure positive and supportive interactions?

Absolutely! Our community is moderated to foster a positive, respectful, and supportive environment for all members.

Do the recipes cater to people with food allergies or intolerances?

While we provide a diverse range of recipes, always check ingredient lists and consult with a nutritionist if you have specific allergies or intolerances.

Can I get personalized advice or feedback from the expert coaches?

Yes, our platform allows for interactions with our top-tier coaches, ensuring you get expert guidance tailored to your unique needs.

How does Epics Fitness Premium differentiate itself from other fitness platforms?

Epics Fitness Premium provides a structured, comprehensive, and expert-backed approach, combining bodybuilding fundamentals, a vast content library, an engaged community, and holistic progress tracking. Our focus is not just on workouts but on fostering a complete lifestyle transformation.

Thank you for reading this page.

If you aren't yet convinced that this is the program for you, then maybe it isn't, it's not for everyone.

However, if you have aspirations to improve your technique, let me ask you this.

Is achieving your goals, at least once in your life important to you?

If you answered yes to that question, then joining this group is the best first step that you can take right now towards that goal. If you don't take it, your competitors will.

I hope to see you on the inside, and I look forward to achieving your dreams together.